Chalice's High Street church buildings were founded in 1854 on the lands of the Wurundjeri people, close to traditional meeting grounds on the crest of Ruckers Hill. In keeping with the Wurundjeri spirit, Chalice continues to be a gathering place for community. 

Chalice reflects the life of the community as it once was and as it is now. Chalice is a contemporary Uniting Church community of faith which contains the diversity that is a community's lived expression of spirituality.

Foremost in its aims, Chalice:

  • celebrates and honours the Christian tradition and the Uniting Church in Australia

  • is committed to exploring contemporary spirituality in all its diversity

  • aspires to deepen faith in everyday life

  • endeavours to offer a creative and vibrant expression of Christianity as a living faith.

Chalice welcomes diversity and difference, being grounded in community relationships. This is expressed by Chalice in:

  • recognising that creativity is a significant pathway to nurturing spirituality and connectedness

  • working collaboratively and in partnership with other groups to develop and strengthen community

  • strengthening human connections and fostering a sense of belonging

  • addressing social justice issues collaboratively and responding creatively to social disadvantage

  • providing a safe and supportive gathering place for all.

The intentional development of Chalice as a community of faith has relationships at its heart. The model of growth has been the welcoming of individuals and groups in order to explore contemporary spirituality. Key concepts are inclusiveness, flexibility and partnership. This has resulted in ongoing and rewarding collaborative relationships with council, creative arts groups and performers, community groups, local businesses, festivals and individuals.

Different paths, one intent

Chalice Community of Faith is the life and soul of Northcote Uniting Church. We offer a range of opportunities for people to meet, explore, deepen and live our shared and unique spirituality.

We operate under a vision of Four Pillars, which express the values that guide the life of Chalice.


The Four Pillars





Chalice's many programs offer something for everyone. Including public discussion evenings, art based groups and a host of choirs and community ensembles. The people and programs of Chalice nurture creativity as a pathway to spirituality, and build relationships to strengthen community.

Join us in this creative and vibrant expression of Christianity as a living faith. Find a place of belonging. We warmly invite you to participate in the programs of Chalice, the living heart of Northcote. All are welcome to participate in any program.

A hot air balloon greets us as we join for meditation early one Tuesday morning. photo AEC 2016

A hot air balloon greets us as we join for meditation early one Tuesday morning. photo AEC 2016


A Brief History

At first we were just a bunch of studiomates starting our freelance careers in Toronto, Canada. Lars was an illustrator, Chris was a web designer who worked with Laura, an engineer, and Marisa was a set designer. As our gigs picked up, the studio became our second home. We all wanted to decorate our space in a way that was both comfortable and productive. Marisa broke the ice by bringing the studio’s first plant.

We set up a collective mood board, which was essentially the seed of this website. Each of us always had a little comment to go with the image. Chris joked that we were so opinionated about interior design that we should start an online magazine about it.

One night, when Laura needed a break from work, she uploaded the mood board images to her Squarespace account. Lo and behold, Tudor was born. Laura named the site after Lars’ cat, who was named after his favorite architecture style. We started interviewing friends who had beautiful houses and apartments. Now we cover a wider range of design topics and have over 30,000 subscribers.