Lacuna – Space for God

Held on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month – 9.30am

Our Sunday communal gathering, including reflection, music, meditation, creative response, children’s activity and prayer. Join us for reflections across cultures and sacred texts, embodied prayer and Communion.

Come along and explore some sacred space…

  • Creative space
  • Spiritual space
  • Cup of tea space
  • Song space
  • Communion space
  • Sacred child space
  • Discussion space…

Lacuna isn’t a new word, but it is new to most of us. The word Lacuna means gap or space and is used to describe the space in a manuscript where the writing is missing.  Prayer has been described as a creative Lacuna. The empty moment waiting to be filled with the breath of the Holy Spirit. Lacuna is a space in which we can listen attentively for the call of God.

Gather the people, tell the stories, break the bread.



The Lacuna service at Chalice is led by Rev. Peter Batten