Calling all writers!

Need a quiet moment to get your thoughts down? Like to spend some time quietly writing at a table in the iconic Northcote Uniting Church?
Shut Up and Write is a worldwide initiative, and started in Northcote on Thursday 4 February 2016. Entry is pay as you feel able.

“Composing and writing lyrics, you’re constantly hitting, constantly hitting and trying to overcome hurdles. So you have an idea, and then you can’t think what the next bit is, or what the chorus is gonna be or what the chords are gonna be or what the rhyme is or whatever, and every time you hit a border, the instinct is to seek, relief. Having the discipline to hit a hurdle, and then keep headbutting it until you break through, it’s more important than inspiration. Talk about tenacity, it’s micro tenacity.”
- Tim Minchin

WRITERS!!! Come jump another hurdle with us - at Shut Up and Write series two. Starts Thursday April 14. Book your seat at Eventbrite: